Communication Plan

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Communication Topics

Caixa de Mitos


Wide dissemination

Raise awareness among civil society, social partners, decision-makers and civil organisations on the importance of recognizing and validating non formal, informal and formal learning of social and education professionals.

To support the process of participation

The participation of communities of professionals to co-construction of the outputs, producing appropriate tools of communication

Transfer and dissemination

Transferring the results to other contexts both on national and European levels.


Website 1 Contents information about the projectinformation about the consortium

downloadable materials and products

links to education policies and programs

website will be in English

sections in languages of all partner countries

materials are available for a broader audience of potential beneficiaries

Website 2Strategy actively promote and publicize itMutual linking with websites in complementary fields

Promotion of the site in the Web 2.0. tools of the partner organizations (Facebook, Twitter, blogs) during the project and after the project ends.

Priming the website to make it more visible to search engines

COMMUNICATION PLAN Stating the dissemination strategy of COM_WORK projectDissemination activities that should take place during the project lifetime

Strategies to exploit COM_WORK results on going life-cycle project and after the project end and the basic information tools for diverse media;

PLANIFICATION Project lifetime and actions



– Website Project description


Caixa de MitosSite development
·      Research for thematic possibilities·      Different categories

·      Static pages

·      Menus

·      Header

·      Footer

·      Search

·      Archives

·      Links

·      Satellite pages

·      Users profiles and administrators

Graphic  individualization
·      Logo site·      Graphic Charter

·      Visuals

Preparation for reference
·      Declaration for Google and Bing·      Sitemaps file creation

·      Plug – in “one SEO Pack” installation

Specific Functionalities
·      Contact form and surveys·      Forum

·      Intranet

·      FTP area, allowing the downloading/uploading of documents/files


Plug Ins activation
·      Start press (vists)·      Facebook for WP (link articles /Fce)

·      Akismet (security spams and comments)


Restricted area for the project participants, in order to enhance communication and exchange of information and materials amongst the partners


Platform for the activation of the on-line support for the network community.


Web2.o tools

Facebook page
Flickr area
Youtube Channel
Linkedin Group
Issuu online reader

 Press release, leaflet and print materials (Final Learning Unit) and USB

During the project 3 press releases will be issued in order to reach the media and other stakeholders that might be interested in the project at both national and EU levels. In this way, the press releases will be produced in 5 languages, the 4 partners’ languages plus English. Znanie (BG) will write the press release in English and each partner will translate it to their national language. Each partner will disseminate the press release in their countries and also at EU level.The press releases will draw attention to milestones of the project at M7, M13 and M23.


The leaflet of the COM_WORK project will aim at promoting the activities and outputs of the project. In a summarised way, it will give information regarding the objectives and the partnership as well as information concerning the main activities and products. In this sense, it will also contain information on the COM_WORK methodology.Contact details of the coordinator and the website of the project will be written. The leaflets will be produced in English and in the 4 National Languages. In total there will be 2400 copies: 800 copies for Italian Partners, 400 copies for Buglaria, Portugal and Spanish, and 400 copies in English, to be distributed in the European conference and other non-national dissemination activities also after COM_WORK life cycle.


The Final Product will be printed in 500 copies (100 plus 100 for each language in English) by Znanie (BG) and USB support in n. 600 copies by Caixa de Mitos (P)


Design and realization n. 2 Advertising Trailer At the M7(in relation to O1) and M21 (in relation to O4

FIRST VIDEOThe scope of these short video Trailers is to improve the effectiveness of the dissemination and communication   plan of COM_WORK. The first Advertising trailer will help to launch O1 in the social media, presenting in a short video the main data collected from the Comparative EU. This will help involving European organizations working on research   and innovation on the same topics; it will also help involving national stakeholders and operators in the next phases of the project


The second Advertising trailer will have as its main aim to inform about the Guidelines for trainers and to spread through O4 also O3. Moreover it will also help to focus attention and participation to the Final Conference .The two trailers will be produced by the partner CAIXA that develops a research sector   in the communication area

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