Comworkshop and Open Days in Lisbon about Young in NEET situation

A broad and diverse set of initiatives marked the International Days NEET Lisbon 2016 whose objectives were set out by NEET- ABC Platform from Caixa de Mitos proposals.
The International Days NEET Lisbon in 23,24 and 25 May 2016 gathered for 3 days public bodies, associations, training centers, universities, businesses, schools, local authorities, policy makers, managers, experts, technicians and young people with a view to collective learning and cooperation to respond to challenge and the question:

“How can we improve our work with young people who are in NEET in situation (nor employed, nor in education or training), to be more efficient and have better results?”
The policy areas are very large and diverse, so it will be around focused and concrete approaches to be held joint reflection that will allow us to go further in the future. Taking advantage of experience in courses and debating the critical issues associated with the barriers in the desired progression sure that we can point to new methods of intervention and extend our action to broader scales.

Initial interogações:

Identifying young people in this extreme situation of exclusion?
How to effectively prevent this situation?
How to conduct direct and informal approaches (reception, initial contact) outside of conventional models (cabinet)?
What skills must demonstrate animators and technical intervention?
What resources can be mobilized in the territories and local communities?
What conditions should be created for the departing of prioridas solutions of young people and have a real ability to influence their lives for the positive?
What mechanisms should be found for opportunities in the territories may have bridges for young people in this situation?
And other questions …

The days consisted of a broad set of activities PROGRAM:

Youth meeting

Training sessions

open door days

thematic workshops

Dialogue Café

Partying and socializing

International Conference

International Conference NEET Lisbon in May 2016 had the support of the Erasmus + Education and Training through Comwork Project



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