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COORDINATION: Universita Degli Studi Roma TRE.

Anna Aluffi Pentini Anna Aluffi Pentini

Lead Investigator of Comwork. University Roma Tre. Professor for Social Pedagogy and Intercultural Education. Expert in Action Research, Counseling and Evaluation Projects in social and intercultural issues.

Emanuela Proietti Emanuela Proietti

Researcher and Co-manager. University and private companies consultant. She provides planning and implementation of vocational training courses, of research and guidance projects, funded by the EU and by national government agencies.

She is a Ph.D. student right now (Theory and Research in Education and Social Sciences). She is researcher on methods and tools for lifelong learning: e-learning; guidance; recognition, validation and certification of prior non-formal and informal learning. She collaborates with the Department of Education with the adult education and lifelong learning teaching. She has been tutor in the recognition, validation and certification of prior learning procedures during last four years.

Fabio Olivieri Fabio Olivieri

Researcher. Professional counsellor and specialist in biographical research especially in the domain of emigrants. He works as didactical assistant by the chair of Social Education (prof. Anna Aluffi Pentini) at the Department of Education (University Roma Tre) and is an active member of the Association of Italian educators in Italy. In his research activity about training and counselling of families and professionals, the issues of self reflexion and building competences are central in perspective of LLL.

Paolo Di Rienzo Paolo Di Rienzo

Researcher. Professor of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning, he is a member of the Research and Service Centre for Bilan des Competences. His recent research interests include the student informal experience in higher education and the adult participation in the lifelong learning education. He has also been involved in a number of project funded by the EU LLP and the Ministry of University, including: methods and tools for evaluating education; recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning of adult re-entering at university, in a lifelong perspective.

Giorgia Rossani Giorgia Rossani

Researcher. She is a PhD student in the field of Pedagogy and Social Services (University of Roma Tre) from 1/1/2013 until 31/12/2016 following a research in transcultural competences of migrant woman;  Researcher and expert in Forward Project “Competence portfolio and pedagogical tools to identify, recognize, validate and improve the competences acquired by migrant women in formal, non-formal and informal learning contexts” – 517538-LLP-1-2011-1-ES-GRUNDTVIG-GMP ; Expert and teaching assistant since 2012 in the field of the Laboratory, of prof. Paolino Serreri, in Methods and Techniques in Career Guidance for Adults (Department of Education – University of Roma Tre) ; Partner in several activities with prof. Paolino Serreri since 2005, in the area of “bilan de compétences”  and Lifelong Learning, specifically in the domain of adult education

Massimo Taddia Massimo Taddia

Researcher and team manager. Sociologist, trainer and supervisor, expert in networks and social network,networking and social territorial mapping, expert in the design of social services and interventions, researcher in the social field.

latella Roberto Latella

Researcher. Sociologist, counselor and trainer. Expert on caring relations, educational field, welfare, third sector and social services. Supervisor and evaluator for public services, competence balance counselor and social researcher.

Rafaelle Codini Rafaelle Codini

Researcher Sociologist, consultant and trainer for Third sector companies, schools, public administration. Expert and trainer in social project management, competence analysis and modeling, social impact evaluation, quality management

Franco Violante Franco Violante

Researcher. Sociologist, consultant and trainer for Third sector companies and public schools.Expert in social project management, competence analysis and modelling, social impact evaluation, quality management.

Luis Carro Luis Carro

Researcher. Pedagogist and doctorate in education and has been teaching methodology of research in education and social sciences since 1989. The main area of teaching has been oriented to initial and continuing teacher training, and is also now a days. In 2008 started in a European project related with validation of nonformal and informal learning and founded the Spanish observatory on validation of professional competences (Observal) in 2010, at the Departament of Pedagogy belonging to the University of Valladolid.

During this time he has been produced several doctoral dissertations and master thesis, as well as other degree theses. He has directed courses for professionals interested in the process of validation and accreditation of competences as advisers and evaluators. In 2013 and 2014 has developed two big research on vocational education training in Castille and Leon, and he participated in several national and international meetings (Málaga, Ourense, Tarragona, Porto, Brussels and Rome) related to recognition and validation of nonformal and informal learning acquired by experience at labour contexts.

Manuel Herrero Manuel Carabias Herrero

Doctoral student who has reached the postgraduate level in psychopedagogy. He studied for being a primary teacher. Since 2012 is involved in the recognition and accreditation of competences acquired by labour experience. He has participated in the first process of validation of competences in Castille and Leon, working close to the regional administration. He wrote the first report of this process with Hugo Abel Díez as postgraduate thesis. In this moment is writing his doctoral thesis related to the role of VET Integrated centers in the process of recognition of professional skills in Spain. He has participated in two international congress with papers concerning to his topic of research. He is a member of the Spanish Observatory of Validation of Professional Competences (OBSERVAL).

Hugo Pozas Hugo Díez Pozas

Postgraduate in psychopedagogy. He studied for being a primary teacher in physical education. He has participated in the first process of validation of competences in Castille and Leon, working close to the regional administration. He wrote the first report of this process with Manuel Carabias as postgraduate thesis. Since 2012, he is a member of the Spanish Observatory of Validacion of Professional Competences (OBSERVAL) and he has the responsibility of documentary process of the observatory. He is involved in European youth projects, such as youth exchanges or training course for youth professionals.

Rachele Serino Rachele Serino

Researcher and manager for People srl under the Com_Work Erasmus Plus Project. She is a sociologist, counsellor of Bilan de Competences and expert in guidance, outplacement and trainers on competence approach and strategy for employability and construction of professional projects.

Paolino Serreri Paolino Serreri

Professor at Roma Tre University. Deals from over 20 years with continuing education and competences approaches in adult career guidance and training. He performs these activities in CRES BdC (Research and Service Centre on Bilan de Competence),in which he also teaches BdC from 12 years.At the same University he taught personalization of continuing education.He also taught adult education at the University of Bolzano.

Adele L’Imperio Adele L’Imperio

Psychologist. Has been working for over 25 years in research in psycho-social issues and in continuing education and competences approaches in adult career guidance and training. Adele conducts her activities in collaboration with several public and private main institutions. Since 2000 she collaborates also with CRES Bdc.

Tiziana Amori Tiziana Amori

Sociologist and counsellor, she has worked in design and training to operators of employment centers, trainers,etc..She is professor of Sociology and Medical Humanities at the “Tor Vergata” Universitiy

Valentina Tomaselli Valentina Tomaselli

After getting a University Degree in Economics, she achieved a Master in HR Management.She has over 10 years of experience in consulting and coaching in business planning and start-up.She realizes interventions of management training on team building, leadership, negotiation and problem solving.

Valentina Georgieva Valentina Georgieva

Coordinator and researcher, works in Znanie Association for 14 years and for the last 2 years she is a vice president of the organization. Valentina is responsible for the international relations, development, implementation and realization of projects. Fund-raising and exploitation of new ideas are among her responsibilities.

Expert in conducting training for adults on topics such as cultural awareness, training of trainers, entrepreneurship skills.

Mariana Manukyan Mariana Manukyan

Researcher, Mariana is the President of the Association and she is responsible for reaching the strategic goals of the organization, overall management, financial stability and long-term planning. Mariana graduated in Psychology in Saint Petersburg that helped her with her tasks within the project.

Mariana has long experience in facilitating training for Roma people, young unemployed and drug addicts who are part of the current NEETs in Bulgaria. She has also conducted many training for adults for motivation and empowerment. She contributed with her knowledge and experience in the national research and focus groups within the project.

Petya Brashnikova Petya Brashnikova

Researcher, Petya is a youth worker and trainer on topics such as: intercultural communication, active citizenship, entrepreneurship etc. As a trainer and Bachelor in Non-formal education, she has experience in designing and implementing training curriculum. For the last two years, she was part of Pool of trainers of National Youth Forum, member of European Youth Forum.

In relevance with the project, she is working in Vocational Training Centre which also aims social and educational inclusion of NEETs. She also has experience in motivational training for unemployed youth from distant regions in Bulgaria.

 Miguel Ribeiro Miguel Marques Ribeiro

Project manager and research assistent at Caixa de Mitos. Photographer at Freelance. Former Internship at Jornal de Notícias. Former Lecturer at Escola Superior de Educação do Porto. Studied Photography at IPF – Instituto Português de Fotografia. Studied Educacao, Desenvolvimento Local e Mudança Social at Universidade do Porto. Studied Philosophy at University of Porto.

Jerónimo Jerónimo Ribeiro

Multimedia editor, Specialized in vídeo and TV programs. Caixa de Mitos expert in Multimedia productions. Team Comwork member. Work at TV Canal Q. Work at Canal Q – Produções Fictícias. Studied at Université Paris VIII Vincennes – Saint-Denis. Lives in Lisbon, Portugal. From Paris, France. Editor of the Comwork trailers/videos.

José Lourenço José Lourenço

Caixa de Mitos expert for internet and IT development. Web developer and information and technology specialist. Responsible for the development of technical solutions for the project’s internet presence and information dissemination. Studied at the University of Porto – Engeneering Faculty.

Sofia Pepe Sofia Pepe

Caixa de Mitos expert in design and marketing solutions. Works as Freelancer Graphic Designer. Studied at IADE – Creative University. Went to Liceu de Oeiras. Lives in Lisbon, Portugal. From Lisbon, Portugal.

Eva Ribeiro Eva Marques Ribeiro

Caixa de Mitos expert in self-development by artistic strategies and tools. Theater and pedagogue professional. Works at Madame KILL. Artist at Oficina Palhaçaria. Studied at Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq – Officiel. From Lisbon, Portugal.

Carlos Ribeiro Carlos Ribeiro

Caixa de Mitos coordinator. Social and local development developer. Researcher and project manager. National public programs manager in employment, small entreprises ans social inclusion issues. Studied at Université Paris I – Pantheon Sorbonne.

Citizen journalist and social media for NGO former and editor. Correspondent of ELM Magazine and editor of AGRI Magazine. Member of the board of LCLC Lisbon Network and co-coordinator of NEET Platform.