The objective of the trick game is to experience our way of listening in emergency or needs situations. You can check by observing the game how the context affecting the content; read how our anxiety and the push to the competition address our staying in the given situation and reflect on relationships with others.
The facilitator distributes participants a tutorial paper entitled “How to achieve the goals” inviting them to turn the first page only at the start of the teacher. You will be asked to carry out the exercise in complete silence, following the directions and finally informed of the maximum time within which must be done filling the sheet: three minutes. 

The explanation of the game will be emphasized enough in order to create a competitive climate and to cause in the participants an increase of the state of anxiety. At the start of the facilitator, participants will begin to read the paper and to compile it, in most cases, extremely hectic and trying to answer all questions while the facilitator will mark the time at every minute that passes. In the first question you will be instructed to read each point of the paper before continue but rarely participants will follow as reported. Participant will begin to follow the instructions on the following questions: write your name, put an X, draw a circle, repeat loud YES, etc. Finally, in the last question will become aware that it would be enough to read all the points by completing only instruction 2 and remaining silent, waiting.

In the debriefing, you can explore the emotions experienced, ask how the participants experienced the game, if indeed they felt pressed too, at being limited by time, in almost emergency situations, and then if all this has made them less shiny compare to the fulfilment modalities of the exercise. Explore their own feelings, recognize how they have paid attention, and listened to the mandate.

45 minutes debriefing included
Communication in emergency situations

The active listening trial

Competitive styles



Turn this page only at the start of the teacher



“How to achieve the goals”

(Exercise to be carried out in three minutes)


  1. Before, you do anything, read every point of this exercise;
  2. Write the name in the right corner at the top of the sheet;
  3. Trace a circle around the word name of the second instruction;
  4. Drawings five small squares in the upper left;
  5. Enter one X in every square;
  6. Enter each square inside a circle;
  7. Write your name under the title of this paper;
  8. Below, the title write, yes, yes, yes;
  9. Trace a circle around instruction 7;
  10. Drawing an X in the lower left corner of the sheet;
  11. Trace a triangle around the X that has just drawn;
  12. In the back of sheet, multiply 703×66;
  13. Trace a circle to the word sheet of instruction 7;
  14. When you get to this point loudly pronounce your name;
  15. If you think you have followed the instructions up to this point say loud YES;
  16. In the back of the sheet additions 8,950 + 9,805;
  17. Trace a circle around the amount added and then a square around the circle;
  18. Count, with a normal voice volume, from 1 to 14 and vice versa,
  19. Do three small holes with the tip of a pen or pencil in the top of the sheet;
  20. If you are the first person arrived at this point, say loud: “I was the fastest in executing the instructions”;
  21. Underline all the numbers that are on this side of the paper;
  22. Say with lauder voice: I almost finished and I have done all instruction “;
  23. Now that you have finished reading all the points of this exercise only fill the instruction 24. Keep silent in order to not let understand others that you have finished exercising.