Through a game of simulation the objective is that to make to experiment to the participants the differences of the styles of communication and their impact on the product of the group, to favour the emersion of the dynamics of relationship, to verify as the behaviours they are in relationship to the effectiveness or less than the communication and of the results.
The game simulates a work meeting type that habitually develops him in any environment of job, attributing through the cards game specific roles and the relative behaviours to the participants.

The rules of base are the followings:

Every card game with the relative characteristics must be known only from the components of the group that represent the relative character.

Max 6/8 participants.

The characters participants to the meeting must keep in mind in the management of the reunion of the objectives and the suitable strategies in the card.

In addition, is possible to add other participants to the meeting (within the limit max) that if same will represent without a specific order.

The components of the group that do not participate in the game act from observatories of the dynamics that manifest him during the reunion and they will operate in the phase of debriefing.

The conductor once introduced the game, selects among the participants those people who must interpret the characters and eventually the others and you/he/she illustrates them in way “reserved” the single cards game and the formalities of the reunion, therefore from indications in the observatories and you/he/she defines the time limit.

The conductor introduces the theme of the meeting (the participants are prepared around to a table) and leaves the word to the participants.

During the carrying out of the meeting, the conductor observes the dynamics of the game together with the other components of the group.

Finished the meeting the conductor it facilitates a shared evaluation of the result of the reunion using the brought elements both from the participants and from the observatories.

The group but done identify the typologies of the participants?

Has you/he/she identified and done understand the dynamics?

Have the objectives of the reunion been reached?

If him because? Otherwise because?

Which have the styles of communication been?

Have they been effective or less?

40 minutes excluded preparation and debriefing
Effective communication

Dynamics  of group