Through a game of simulation the objective is

§         to facilitate I exchange him/it ideas and information inside the group,

§         to make to experiment formality of planning and development of a shared idea,

§         to simulate the job of net on a territory,

§         to favour the cooperation,

§         to favour the construction of operational and territorial strategies,

§         to favour the comparison among the various groups.

The game simulates the various realities that compose a possible territorial net, the cards game they describe the single structures, pointing out their composition and they establish resources and ties of which the participants must obligatorily hold.

The rules of base are the followings.

Every card with the relative characteristics must be known only from the components of the group that represent her/it.

The components of the group must keep in mind in the realization of their proposal of the resources and the suitable ties in the card.

Every group must act as if that structure is really represented and operated on that territory, If possible  use different spaces to realize their activities,  that represent various realities, meeting himself/herself/itself if they hold him/it useful.

To realize the project, is possible to use strategies of collaboration for the different realities (if they desire him/it).

The conductor once introduced the game, divides the participants in small groups that correspond to every descriptive card that you/they simulate

Then the Town Council begins the game introducing a “proclamation” of project to the various realities and pointing out characteristics, resources, formality of evaluation and times of realization of it.

During the carrying out of the game the conductor, observes moving itself among the various groups their formalities of job, trying to identify the various dynamics that you/they are formed and the methodologies used for reaching the objective, to precise expirations the conductor remembers to the groups the remaining time.

Finished the phase of planning every reality it illustrates in complete his/her own project.

Once finished the presentation of the projects the Town junta it withdraws him for the evaluation and it chooses the project that answers better to the objectives of the game in his/her opinion therefore he/she returns in complete and it illustrates the motivations of the choice At the end of the game the conductor it drives a phase of evaluation of the experience, facilitating her/it and bringing the various elements emerged by his/her observation, using them therefore as you stimulate for the discussion of the formalities of job used and of the dynamics that are activated in the groups.

1 hour excluded preparation and debriefing.
Cooperation and competition

Job of group and planning

Simulation job of network on the territory