To propose an experience of interdependence of objectives, resources and information.

The exercise can be accomplished only through the cooperation of all members, because each has only part of the necessary resources (information) necessary to the common goal … these resources are in “interdependence” each other.

Coordinator (usually trainee) has to:

§         Distribute sheets with clues randomly, but in equal numbers to each participant.

§         Enforcing work times and rules.

§         Observe the working method albeit undefined:

o        If there is someone who prevails over the other

o        If there is someone who pulls out

Where it seems that there are more difficulties.

§         Do not give any advice them, nor feedback about the work.

§         In plenary the focus of comparison will be the dynamics experienced and observed (eg. difficulty to think in group, considering its own information, who speaks more, how to choose tracks to follow, …)


§         Delivery of tickets covered to each one, individual reading and memorizing of information (ticket stocks of 5-6 each, so everyone has a portion of the story) (5 min.)

§         Cover the tickets (no one can look at, nor can be seen)

§         Implementation of the task (20 min.)

45 minutes, debriefing included
Rules (to read to all the participants, ensuring that everyone understood)

§         Everyone will receive sheets with important information for the solution of the task.

§         You have 5 min. available for storing

§         Coordinator will give subsequent times

§         Everyone  must read and store only his information

§         In the work of storage no one can take notes

§         The work of each is important for that of the group

§         You have 20 min. to solve the task.


Thief is Mr. COOL, kleptomaniac. He stole the painting, hour was between 21:45 and 22:00, when it was seen for last time and then it was not in its place.

Positive interdependence

Team work

Work method

THE THIEF Mr. Some needs money to not fail
 Mr. Some is well known for his sensibility for artworks Mr. and Mrs.Gentle  organized a great party to celebrate the Summer beginning
Miss Beauty left the party with Mr. Cunningness Someone listened Mr. Niggard say to spare no expense for a painting of great value
Mr. Niggard is known by all to be very rich Mr. and Mrs. Some left together the party
Mrs. Some is very used to lose things Mr and Mrs. Near founded four dogs in their courtyard after the party

Miss Welloff left party almost the same hour of Mr. Some Mr. Cool left party 20 minutes after than Mrs. Some
Miss Welloff took the dog at the party Every painting of Artisimisso are very small
Mr. Spot showed to be very interested to diamond ring of Mrs. Some Mr. and Mrs. Gentle were owners of an Artisimisso painting
Mr. Keenness left party at 10 o’clock Mr. Spot danced all the night with Mrs. Beauty
Mrs. Some was for a large part of the night in a dark corner with Mr. Cool

Miss. Welloff didn’t find what she had during the party
Mr. Cool is a kleptomaniac Miss Welloff and Mr. Niggard left the party together
Italian paintings of 16th century have an high value Artisimisso is an Italian artist of 16th century
Miss Keenness, as she was about to leave the party, saw something shine in a corner of the hall Mrs. Some left party at 21:30
Miss Beauty watched the painting when went away at 21:45 Miss Keenness for a long time admired Artisimisso’ s painting
Mrs. Some watched for a long time Artisimisso’ s painting when left the party

Mrs. Some didn’t find her diamond ring at the end of the party
Mr. Some carries always a briefcase with him Mr. and Mrs. Near own three dogs
Mr. Cunningness is a jewellery thief Miss Keenness noticed that Artisimisso’ s painting, which she long admired, wasn’t at its place when left the party