The contribution of the open audits and the peer review


During May 2016, each country has doing an Open Audit. This activity is within the IO 4. Each country has elaborated a report[2] with the conclusions and other dates. With this information, we have elaborated this part and the content of the proposal of LU.

Each Open Audit has aimed gather professionals, institutions, young people, NEETs, ex-NEETs, with the goal to analyse the work done so far and collect new suggestions to do this IO and the next steps in our project. They all could share their opinions about CoMWork Project, about the Guidance and Training Model for trainers leading training for socio-educational professionals working with NEET’S, also about other aspects such as the services and young people’s needs and about the different status of the NEET. The structure of each one has been flexible but always the methodological approach has been active, being the people protagonist of these events. Then, we analyse each contribution of each Open Audit related with each area.

From March to July 2016, we have opened a web platform for professionals to collect the contributions of the professionals that gave us their opinion and experiences working with NEETs.[3] In this Platform, they could find:

  • Partners had his own space in their own language and in English too. In this space we had all the information generated for CoMWork project so far. Also in this space we had several forums for collecting contributions from the professionals.
  • A survey called “Your competences for working with NEETs”[4], available in five languages: English, Bulgarian, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. The survey was structured in four groups of questions, which we analysed one by one in:
    • Collective competences of a team and a network.
    • Motivational and empowerment competences.
    • Competences for management of change.
    • General questions.