LEARNING UNIT n° 2 – 2. Creativity and innovation

Module 2. Creativity and innovation


Planning and change management competences

Duration: 14 hours
Module 2: Creativity and innovation
–       To know that we can solve a problem with different solutions.

–       To know good and new practices that has been used to help NEETs in other context.

–       To know new methods that professionals use to with young people.

–       Generate new ideas:

o   Anticipate needs.

o   Experiment.

o   Show originality.

o   Recognize opportunity.

o   Visualize completed work.

–       Turn ideas into action:

o   Create implementation strategy.

o   Adapt implementation strategy.

o   Produce original work.

–       To face a problem with original solutions.

–       To change the point of view according to a new context or situation being flexible and open mind.

–       To take into account the NEETs ideas, decisions, suggestions although they are different or alternative

–       To plan an intervention in which we want to solve a problem o situation apply different and alternative solutions, which maybe are not the conventional methods.

–       To be willing to update their competences continuously integrating new tools and methods in the daily work, so the NEET could have more opportunities.

Course of the learning unit
Description of the contents of the LU:

–       New methods.

–       New instruments.

–       Divergence thinking.

–       Different and multiply languages such as artistic, musical.

–       Good practices in this field.

Didactic methods
–       Team working.

–       Online learning.

Didactic tools for trainers
–       PC

–       Online access

–       Slides

–       Material of monitoring

Didactic tools for learners
–       PC

–       Online access

–       Slides

–       Material that the professionals could considerer. Guidance and Training Model for trainers leading training for socio-educational professionals working with NEET’S

o   Tool 3.1 – the change gym.

o   Tool 3.2 – develop curiosity: what’s new?

o   Tool 3.3 – develop the senses / develop creativity.

o   Tool 3.4 – multisensory description.

o   Tool 3.5 – technique 6-3-5 or brain writing.

o   Tool 3.6 – improvisation.

–       Material that the professionals considerer

Needed material
–       Spaces that help to teamwork and reflection
Assessment of learning outcomes
Procedures and criteria for assessment of these learning outcomes.

We will evaluate if the student is able to:

–       Set a plan an intervention for solving problems using alternative solutions.

–       Update their competences continuously integrating new tools and methods.

Mastery indicators of Learning outcomes or skills or competences or … acquired
Procedures and criteria for assessment of these learning outcomes.

We will evaluate if the student has the knowledge, skills and competences that are explained before.

Each country can use different materials adapt to the needs.

Sessions, goals, activities and time.

SESSIONS 1 To know the connection between emotions and change.

To set a plan and it structure.

To share experiences.

Face-to-Face, group activities such as discussions. 6
2 To be able solve problems:

Analyse problems

Set a goal

Set a plan to reach the goal and solve the problem

Face to Face, group activities 6
3 To know how to improve the emotional intelligence of the NEET (frustration, stress, success…) in order to improve

Learning to learn

Face to Face, group activities throw dynamics and tools 6
4 To reflect about meta competence for change. Individual, online 2
5 Share experiences: good and innovate practices. Face to Face, group activities 6
6 To solve problems in a creativity way (new ideas, original solutions…)


Face to Face/online, group activities 6
7 To reflect about creativity and innovation. Individual, online 2

  General suggestions


Concerning the most appropriate method to develop the Learning Units, professionals have responded that the best option to implement this Learning Unit is to combine two methods: face-to-face and online. The number of professionals that prefer this combination is the double