How to communicate and mobilize all the actors for a comitted participation


Communication in a cooperation project should be diversified and must mobilize several tools that facilitate a persuasive action in several areas:

  • Communication with the outside in a comprehensive way (website, social media) with regular information on what is happening and, above all, about the key moments of the project (press releases, thematic dossiers);
  • Communication to the outside directed to target groups (beneficiaries, professionals, institutions);
  • Communication inside the partnership (collaborative platforms, informal meetings on social networks, electronic communication groups).

One of the communication tasks is to define an identity base for the project and establish a common image that is recognized and used by all.


Logo and corporative image


Other tools | leaflet

leaflet1 leaflet2

Social media – Facebook page


Social media – facebook open group, for debates and information


Social media – facebook closed group for the video production with young of Matosinhos


Site and global information about the key issue and the project