The National Capacity Building was held on 21 October 2016 in Lisbon at the House of Social Rights

It was attended by 38 representatives of organizations that work with youth in neighborhoods of Priority Intervention and aimed to incorporate the work developed in the ComWork project And its formative solutions in a broader program of intervention with young people will be stimulated by organizations members of DLBC Lisbon Network.

Four working groups were set up and in each of them specific topics were discussed such as: To know better the reality of the young people in NEET situation in the neighborhoods; Organize meetings and forums with young people at the local level; Involve the Community in programs to prevent young people at risk of dropping out in schools and training centers; To act with alternative pedagogies in programs aimed at creating new experiences for young people outside the monitoring systems; Foster new opportunities for young people who are “invisible” and need immediate solutions to re-establish links with their socio-economic environment.

The meeting had the effect of organizing a consortium that will make proposals for intervention in the districts of Lisbon.

A number of innovative projects targeting young people such as Innovators; The COOpetir, the Benfica Foundation, the Teatro Umano. have presented their own solutions and the combination with the Comwork criteria.




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