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Our aim

The COMWORK project is funded through the Erasmus + Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership program. The two year project will run from on 1st September 2014 unti 31st August 2016. The project will end with a conference in ROME where THE RESULTS of the project will be presented. The project arises from a network of actors (University, Regional Authorities, social enterprise and VET providers), with the purpose of exchanging practices and implement the methodologies for the acknowledgement and validation of the formal and informal skills.

The main objective of the project is to define training and guidance solutions that serve to strengthen the skills of operators working with young people  in NEET situation.

Our methodology

COM_WORK. is based on research actions, at national and European level, and on collective activities with operators and beneficiaries as exchanging practices, peer reviews  and open audits.  It is a participatory methodology with several actions ranging from documentary research to the direct involvement of social educators and NEET young people in the process of reflection and debate.


– a Comparative EU Report on Strategic informal and non formal competences for social and educational professionals

– a Guidance and Training COM_WORK Model

– a Learning Unit for competences of social and educational professionals

–  Guidelines for Trainers on COM_WORK competences

. a COM_WORK Learning Unit for recognize and validate competences of social and educationals professionals

– a site and social media products



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