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Now in its 21th year of academic activity, the Roma Tre “project” has gradually but constantly brought into focus its particular profile; that of a dynamic and efficient seat of learning that, step by step, has become an acknowledged point of reference both in the Italian and the international university system.
Its 40,000 students are the fruit of a winning strategy founded on offering a wide-range of courses and on innovation that focuses on the quality of the teaching and the introduction of the young into the working world.


People s.r.l. has been operating since 2007 in the field of research, guidance, counselling and business creation. People can count on a staff of professional profiles with a long-standing experience in the field of guidance and individual tutoring for the development of vocational and entrepreneurship projects, social research, “Bilan de competence” and “Business creation” have represented the key elements of our professional growth path. People also provides guidance, training and coaching paths on human resources management. Quality, managing skills, and a global approach allow us to realize integrated and focused interventions for the empowerment.

IL LABORATORIO – Formazione e consulenze per il lavoro sociale

“Il Laboratorio” is a non-profit association for training and consulting for social work, that was founded in 2010 in Rome by a group of trainers and social worker who have worked for years within the social environment, each of them dealing with different areas of the social work (adolescents, migrants, elderly, disabled, prisoners, homeless, refugees) on the basis of personal choices and skills.”Il Laboratorio” offers training, consulting, supervision, groups facilitation and evaluation of services to social workers of the public and the social sectors, to cooperation associations and organizations; it designs pathways that enhance the skills and knowledge of people and organizations, offers spaces and tools for considerations and awareness that facilitate the emerging of metaskills, offering also its experience within the bank of expertise and “The Tree of Knowledge” (a tool able to map and to represent the knowledge of an organization or a territory).

Znanie Association

Znanie Association is a non-profit organisation established in 1990. The organization offers: VET– new qualifications and apprenticeship; foreign languages for adults – for general and vocational purposes; training programs and vocational guidance for people with disabilities, groups in risk, minorities; training and qualification of administrative and managerial staff; training of NGO staff. Analysis and Consulting Services: training need and labor market analysis in the fields of new qualifications and small business; family business governance training and consultations


The University of Valladolid is now one of the most important centers of Higher Education in our country, leading in many fields of research. Its four campuses-Valladolid, Palencia, Segovia and Soria, over 100 degrees, numerous graduate and PhD courses has accredited its international relations, and prestigious research Centers. Cultural and sporting are some of its huge potentials and its rich architectural heritage and documentary patrimony are settled on a unique academic environment, homologous to that of the oldest European universities in terms of history, by level of excellence and capacity innovation.
Among its rates we would highlight the nearly 25,000 students enrolled, more than 2,500 teachers and nearly a thousand people in administration and services. Over 60% of students had done internships in companies and other institutions. Besides it offers a comprehensive range of double international degrees, 80 doctoral programs offered by them -14 with the Mention of Excellence, and it promotes the transfer of research results.

REGIONE LAZIO- Direzione Formazione , Ricerca e Innovazione, Scuola e Università, Diritto allo Studio

Regione Lazio – Direzione Formazione , Ricerca e Innovazione, Scuola e Università, Diritto allo Studio organize and operate programs for the investment in human capital to ensure the acquisition of the citizenship skills needed to enter the world of work and actively participate in community life. Represents the Managing Authority of the Regional Operational Programmes financed by the ESF and, in that context, conduct the activities provided by the Community regulations regarding the planning, design, management, monitoring, evaluation and control of the resources of the Fund and its co-financing. Ensures the unity of action and coordination of the activities carried out by intermediate bodies financed by the ESF. It promotes and defines sector European projects. Acts with its Regional Structure in the field of research and innovation in relation to the planning, design, monitoring and evaluation of the results of the Regional Operational Programmes financed by the ESF and, more generally, in relation to the Regional Strategic Program for research, innovation and technology transfer

CAIXA DE MITOS – Agência para a Inovação Social

CAIXA DE MITOS is a consulting company that focuses its activities on social innovation. It brings together experts, consultants, researchers and leaders in Europe and Portugal on the basis of a flexible agency model for Social Innovation. Its action takes place on two levels: in partnership with local associations, municipalities and local development agencies and a more global level around strategic issues and systems development, innovative solutions and implementation for studies.
His frame of action is very broad geographically and thematically but its expertise is around PARTICIPATION METHODOLOGIES, interventions that facilitate empowerment and engage stakeholders in social approaches to sustainable social change.

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