Open Audit in Valladolid involved participants through active methodologies

The goal of Open Audit organizad by Observal last 24 May was first of all to encourage debate about key topics related Comwork project. The participants were divided in three heterogeneous grups. During the Open Audit, each group participated in each area of discussion. In each area one Observal collaborator participate with the roll of moderator – secretary. Each discussion group lasted 30 minutes. Each discussion groups was introduced with a Dynamic for ice breaking related with the area. The aim was to introuduce the area.

Dynamics used throughout the session on the various issues under discussion

1. Collective competences

Dynamic: Successful business. The principal aim was to win the maximun number of points. In couples, each one have to choose one option: A or B with out speack with the other couples. The results, than the moderator explain before choose the option, were:

  • If all couples choose A: all win 100 points
  • If two couples choose B and one A: 150 points for B and – 50 for A.
  • If two couples choose A ando one B: 200 points for B and – 50 for A.
  • If all couples choose B: all -50.

This dinamic play with in three rounds. The first and the second one the couples can´t interact between them. In the third they can negociate, persuade, work in group…

2. Motivation and empowement competences

Dinamic: the modertor order to a participant do something (stand up, touch you nose…). Firsrtly,he/she used a autoritary lenguage. Afther, the moderator use other lenguage, more courtesy. The last order is to look under the table. In some cases, the participant can´t found a price such as candy, motivation letter…

3. Competences for management of change

Dinamic: “Th special bottle”. The moderator ask some questions such us: “What you can or could make a bottle?” or “if you have to choose the best bottle, what you would have the give away?” and “if you have a magic wand and could turn a bottle into anything you wanted what would you like?” in this order. The goa lis, firtly speack about the materials, and afther that tell about the feels, emotions, plans… using the creativity. Moreover is important to say that this group of discussion was celebrated out side, in the garden of the Faculty of Educaction and Social Work.

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