Lisbon Open Audit: with young in NEET situation are we talking about training?

Open Audit, 25 May 2016, 9h30 – 13h00, CJL – Centro de Juventude de Lisboa (Youth Center of Lisbon)

The session was attended by 16 people from several institutions of the Lisbon Region:
IPDJ – Portuguese Institute of Youth and Sports, ISQ – Welding and Quality Institute, Association KRER+ , Casa SEIS, Association Raízes, Community Center São Sebastião – Setúbal, Gustavo Eiffel Vocational School, Municipality of Odivelas, APPJ, Parish Council of Olivais, Horas de Sonho, Catholic Workers Youth, Gebalis.
Workshop facilitators:
Bassou Bebyoucef – Asmoune, Carlos Ribeiro – Caixa de Mitos

Part 1: Introduction by Carlos Ribeiro. The objectives of Comwork and the Caixa de Mitos perspective on the training processes and the skills of professionals that work with young people in NEET situation.

Part 2: Cases and experiences related with training methodologies that aim at the DPA – Acting Power Development.

PART 1 – The framework of debate and hearing was carried out by Carlos Ribeiro and focused the following themes:

  1. Why is it justified a specific training approach for young people in NEET situation?
  1. Nevertheless, what is common to other training processes?


Images WORKSHOPS – HOW can we do better in our work with young in NEET situation

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