Booklet for youth workers working with NEET young people

RESPOND TO YOUR NEETS! was an Erasmus+ KA1 training course, which aimed to reach the following objectives: Following ‘The overall objectives of the renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2010-2018)’ the project’s general objectives were 1) fostering the upholding of the right of young people to participate in the development and implementation of policies affecting them by means of a continuous structured dialogue with young people and youth organisations and 2) contributing to reduce the percentage of NEET youth at European level.
For reaching this general objective, we set the following specific objectives: – Professionalization and competence development of youth workers, supporting the acquisition of skills through non-formal and informal educational activities – Encouraging and supporting the involvement and participation of young people and youth organisations in policy making, implementation and follow-up – Fostering quality improvements in youth work, in particular through enhanced cooperation between organisations in the youth field and other stakeholders
The participating countries were: Hungary, Portugal, Greece, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Austria. The project involved 24 youth workers, promoters of youth policies, representatives of youth organisations and volunteers.
The training course took place in Debrecen, Hungary between the 18th and 23rd of April 2016.
Results reached are: -Professional and personal development of youth workers -Enlarged network and strengthened cooperation between the participating organisations -Contribution to the reduction of the number of NEET youth through the exchange of good practices -Increased involvement and participation of young people and youth organisations in policy making, Implementation and follow-up.

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